Career Profile

Total IT work experience: 16 years.

My first big project was development of MES and WMS systems at a Samsung Electronics production factory in Kaluga region, Russia. It was done as several intranet websites with an active usage of barcode scanners, barcode printers and RFID equipment. It took a team of five developers 3 years to fully develop a MES, WMS and an intranet system for local staff.

Then I’ve joined as a senior developer and quickly became backend lead in charge of a MES system for printing workflow. My team successfully completed several tasks, such as: print optimization (minimizing waste, optimal image placement), refactoring a legacy multilanguage system into several major components within a single technology stack.

Worked at Mail.Ru Group - one of the largest IT companies in Russia, in a food delivery project - Delivery Club. My responsibilities were: creating new and modifying existing microservices.

Took a major part in a project involving refactoring a legacy CRM system for real estate companies in Switzerland - RealForce Solutions SA, into a modern stack application with advanced property search mechanisms and complete tests coverage.


Senior Back-End Engineer

June 2022 - Present
TransferGo, Vilnius, Lithuania

Banking Services team - development of core banking services with TDD and DDD in mind. Developed core “Wallet” functionality to be used by our apps/services. Taking part in split to microservices project.

Senior Back-End Engineer (Remote)

March 2021 - April 2022
TransferGo, London, UK

CoreBanking team - development of core banking services with TDD and DDD in mind. Developed core “Wallet” functionality to be used by our apps/services. Taking part in split to microservices project.

Remote Senior PHP Developer

August 2019 - March 2021
RealForce Solutions SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

Refactoring a legacy CRM system into a modern Symfony application with a modern property search engine and complete tests coverage.

Stack: PHP 7.4, Symfony 4 LTS, API Platform (later removed), Go, MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Docker, k8s.

Senior Developer

December 2018 - June 2019
Mail.Ru Group (Delivery Club), Moscow, Russian Federation

Logistics team - development of new and modifying existing microservices. Improving tests coverage. Porting/creating OpenAPI documentation.

Stack: PHP 7, Symfony 3, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker.

Senior PHP Developer / PHP Team Lead / Head of BE

December 2015 - December 2018, Moscow, Russian Federation

MES team - refactoring of a legacy MES system (PHP 5, Java, C++, Delphi, Lua, PL/pgSQL) into several modern PHP applications, system architecture, integration with printing, cutting, folding, cover-glueing equipment.

Printing process optimizations: knapsack problem, cutting stock problem.

SCRUM master. Managed a team of 3 developers.

Stack: PHP, Yii2, PostgreSQL, Memcached

Senior Developer

June 2014 - November 2015
Interlot, Moscow, Russian Federation


  • Front-end (JavaScript, Backbone.js) and back-end (PHP) development.
  • Managing Linux servers.
  • Network infrastructure planning and configuration.
  • Performance testing, back-end bottlenecks analysis.


  • Two full infrastructure migrations to different data centers with zero downtime.

Stack: PHP, MySQL, RabbitMQ

IT Manager

October 2013 - June 2014
ForEveryDay, Moscow, Russian Federation


  • Development tasks decomposition and planning. Managing of 2 developers.
  • Development of store’s back-end systems.
  • DBA (MySQL).
  • Systems administrator (FreeBSD).
  • Office network support (Mikrotik).


  • Version control system deployed (Git).
  • Agile development deployed (SCRUM).

Stack: PHP, MySQL

IT Manager

October 2012 - June 2013
Retailplus Joint Venture with The Nielsen Company, Moscow, Russian Federation


  • IT budgeting
  • Costs optimization
  • Hiring.
  • Vendor negotiation on hardware, software, services.
  • Development planning and task decomposition.
  • DBA (Oracle).
  • Reports construction (Oracle BI).

Stack: Oracle Database, Oracle BI

Senior Developer

May 2009 - October 2012
Samsung Electronics, Kaluga region, Russian Federation


  • Development of a web-based MES, WMS systems and an intranet portal for local staff.
  • Database schema planning (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle).
  • DBA (MySQL).
  • Administration of Windows servers (2003, 2008).


  • Gained knowledge of different database systems (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle).
  • Gained ERP systems experience: SAP, 1C.
  • Gained experience of a production process at a major factory.
  • Developed a web-based MES and WMS systems with an active usage of barcode scanners,
  • barcode printers, RFID equipment and integrated them with SAP ERP.
  • Developed an intranet portal for local staff integrated with 1C ERP.
  • Deployment of our MES and WMS systems to four partner vendors.
  • Development of information kiosks for local staff.

Stack: PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle Database

Network Engineer

January 2008 - January 2009
Fibercom (then Falcon-S), Moscow, Russian Federation


  • Technical support of Edge-Code and SMC network equipment (switches, telephony) for business clients.
  • Network lab testing.
  • Escalating problems to upstream vendor.


  • Gained huge knowledge of various network protocols on different OSI levels.
  • Gained experience with a lot of different network equipment.

Network Engineer

August 2007 - November 2007
Teleinform, Moscow, Russian Federation


  • L2/L3 network support.
  • Configuration of various network equipment (switches, routers).
  • Development of a local web-project to make network configuration and equipment inventory easier.


  • Gained deep knowledge of building and maintaining L2/L3 networks.
  • Gained deep knowledge of various network routing protocols (OSPF, BGP).
  • Gained deep knowledge of various network equipment.

Systems Administrator

September 2006 - April 2007
Moscow State University of Management, Moscow, Russian Federation


  • Managing servers (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows).
  • End-user technical support (work PCs, printers).


  • Gained experience with Linux, FreeBSD, network equipment.
  • Configured a complex unix mail server with spam and antivirus protection.

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